A quick and easy way to mount objects in shadow boxes!

Shadow Box those Collectable Objects the easy way with Mighty Mounts!

Our 330 Shadow Box gives a 1 1/2" clearance inside and comes finished in Walnut or Rosewood with or without Gold Lip. The 440 is a scoop liner that is finished to match the frame, and holds the glass in place with room at the back for 3/16" foam board and mat board that you have mounted the object on. The shadow box is expandable with 1" extensions.

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February 2011 - PRESS RELEASE

Mighty Mounts
Topeka, Kansas

Bob Victor of  Mighty Mounts Co. announced that the 2012 edition of the Easy to build “OBJECT FRAMING” is now ready.  The Easy to Build Object Framing book was written by Don Bowen CPF.  Don has given many illustrations and ideas on how to build shadow box frames.   By following Don’s illustrations a shadow box frame can be easily created.  The shadow box frame is the best way to preserve and enjoy family memorabilia.

There are many illustrations and ideas how to combine mouldings, liners or mats to frame these collectable objects quickly and easily.  It shows how to mount objects with “Mighty Mounts” like Knives, Guns, Coins, Sand Paintings, Stamps, Antique Silverware, and Plates, just to mention a few.  Mighty Mounts will mount the object and not damaging the object.  You can open the shadow box and remove the object safely by mounting the object with “Mighty Mounts”.

The shadow box moulding illustrated is easy to create a shadow box.  The scoop liner is finished to match the outside of the frame and is simple to assemble. The scoop liner is designed to hold the glass in place and create a shelf for the background to set on.   Now it’s ready to point in and close the back of the frame.  The faster you can create, assemble, and close the frame the less time it takes to do the job, meaning more profit per job. “Time is money”.

You can order the booklet from your Mighty Mount distributor or direct from Mighty Mounts website. There are examples of shadow boxes and the uses of the Mighty Mounts at www.mighty-mounts.com  under the tab examples or shadow box contest.  The shadow box mouldings can be seen at www.bobvictors.com

Click here to view the new cover.

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